My name is Saima Pasha and I’m an Integrative Psychotherapist
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I am UKCP Accredited, this means, I am registered/accredited with a professional body and follow their code of ethics and professional conduct and regularly receive professional clinical supervision. I combine my professional training and experience with compassion, common sense and life experience.

SP Therapy


Contacting a psychotherapist can feel overwhelming however, but it may be one of the most valuable and meaningful thing you do. By reading this, you have started your journey to recognising that this is the time for you to look for well-deserved meanings to what maybe troubling you now and help you understand yourself better.

Psychotherapy and counselling can help you if you are finding life a struggle. Maybe you are having difficulty in your relationships and feel anxious, confused or isolated. Or you may feel angry and stressed at work or at home. Perhaps you have suffered a bereavement or some other loss.

With counselling, you will build a therapeutic and confidential relationship; this is a relationship where you feel accepted, valued, safe and not judged. Together we will explore your issues, re-build your self-confidence and self-worth, to enable you to take responsibility for your own choices and make positive changes within your life. Your therapy is tailored to your needs alone.

It is important to find a psychotherapist that you can trust, to whom you can talk openly about how you feel.

Should you decide to have counselling, the first step would be to arrange an appointment by telephone or by email.


My core approach is from a psychodynamic principle, with assimilation of other approaches where needed.

This initial meeting is very important to allow you to discuss your concerns and what you need from your counselling. The first appointment will provide us both the opportunity to get a sense of whether we could work together – this is an important factor in establishing a therapeutic relationship.

I work on one to one work basis, offering both long term and short-term sessions depending on your individual needs. I can work with a broad spectrum of questions and difficulties you are possibly facing. This may be in the development of yourself around identity and more identifiable difficulties such as trauma, anxiety, domestic abuse; physical, emotional, mental and sexual, depression, isolation, low mood, self-esteem, low confidence, anxiety and stress, bereavement/loss, relationship difficulties or abuse; physical, emotional, mental and sexual.

I can also provide therapy that is culturally sensitive and culturally inclusive if needed for you. I can offer the counselling in either English or Urdu, giving you the flexibility to choose the language you are most comfortable with in expressing yourself.

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"Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful part of us" (David Richo)

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